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Thread: " Please fill out all required fields." in Add a Listing

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    " Please fill out all required fields." in Add a Listing

    Getting a 'Please fill out all required fields' error message just for choosing a category. I get this message when I am logged in with an account and the error appears before I even get to fill out anything.


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    this error messages appears only when selecting a category. If it's a category without subcategories, the error appears but if you refresh the page it fixes itself. If you select a subcategory the error will not let me move forward with creating a listing. Please fix this bug asap!

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    Go to your Admin panel, browse to your category and select build category: check that there are fields that you want in there. Then check the fields themselves if they are defined. If they are not defined, they shouldn't be in your categorys.

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    Thanks Viktor!

    I added all required fields for each category and subcategory, unfortunately I'm still getting this error message for categories with subcats. I need to display all subcategories for users, so these categories are "locked". This error only happens to locked categories. I still get this error when I am try to add a listing for the categories that have subcategories, even though all subcategories have required fields.

    The side effect of adding required fields for each category and subcategory caused all current listings to lose its content (description, price, etc), even though the required fields are the same as the existing ones. I tried reverting the changes (removing all required fields) but the data from existing listings were wiped out too.

    Is there a way to display all subcategories without "locking" or without adding required fields for each? Maybe this way this bug won't appear.

    Thank you
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