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Thread: Add new listing groups?

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    Add new listing groups?


    a standard-annonce have the groups "common" and "additional". What must i do to add a new group like "law" ? - For any annonce I want a third section called "law" to gave the customers the ability to select one of three options.

    When I add a new group named "law" - I can see the group at the group-manager, but I can't find the section in my new annonces ath the frontpage.

    Hope someone can help...

    Best regards,


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    Re: Add new listing groups?

    Hi Thomas,

    Once the group is added, you need to go into categories and choose build against the relevant category. From there you will see your new group on the right. You can then choose to add it and then start adding whatever fields you like into the group. You can also start playing around with the ordering, so the group appears further up or down the listing etc.



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