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Thread: Remote Adverts rev 2.0.2 - URL path misses out foreign characters

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    Remote Adverts rev 2.0.2 - URL path misses out foreign characters

    Instead of showing the Title and Headline field in the link as you do with normal listings, the remote adverts displays the url path which doesn't recognize foreign characters.

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    Morgan, Could you please show me demo of Remote Listing, i have tried to configure it with no success.

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    Hej Maaz if you go to my site and register for an owner (foretagare) account, you could see and play with it in Remote Advert (Mina fjarrannonser) under your account menu.

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    Hello igjen Morgan. Men er det ikke s

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    Hej Maaz det gar inte med vara bokstaver pa detta forum.
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    ops, det merket jeg ikke
    No problem, I want to use Remote Adverts/Listing from Administrator. Because some friends of mine own websites so they can put Remote Adverts on their websites. Because if you can see in Administrator you can configure Remote Adverts for a specific category. But I am not able to configure it successfully.

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    Ok the plugin is really great in that sentence that you, when you login to your front end, have your own remote adverts in your account menu and by that way you could display your own listings with your site design, which is configurable by the user, on your own or others sites. And it will show the category and sub category from every type you configure. It's a full package.
    If you want to show new, featured or whatever there's optional arguments to attach.
    If you as admin wants to show every latest listing from every user, you have to pass out the code from admin panel.

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    Yeah i disabled mine in front end, so its just an admin use. I have added mine to few friends sites and other sites i am involved in

    Theres some bits of code in this thread to help with some more specialised selection of listings

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    Chris, could you please provide a demo?

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    In Remote Adverts on my site I can pick a parent Category but it doesnt let me pick a sub category any ideas how I can fix this

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