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Thread: Advertisement Link Erroring

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    Advertisement Link Erroring

    I changed the code provided to me in this thread:

    But it's still erroring.

    Here's the summary of the problem again: I added a new free listing and selected Advertisement as category. As an admin, I checked my email and clicked on the link to go to that listing to review. But I get an “ERROR 404: Requested page not found”. Here’s the link in my email http://www.eanimalclassifieds.com/brows ... ng-l1.html This is still in the approval queue. I can’t even approve it via the admin.


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    Re: Advertisement Link Erroring

    Hello Cristina,
    We are going to remake listings types system in the next software version,
    it will involve changes in email templates etc.
    I have two fix solutions for this bug for current version:
    1. remove link from email if added listing has Advertising type.
    in this case users will be not able to link to such listings.
    2. create new email template for Advertising listings.

    Quote Originally Posted by azdolfan
    I can’t even approve it via the admin.
    Are you trying to approve it via grid or through edit process?
    And which problem did you face? some error message maybe?

    Looking forward to your reply.

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    Re: Advertisement Link Erroring

    Hey John - Any idea when the new version will be released?

    Anyway, I can remove the links.....has to be removed out of at least 3 emails...one email about before verified to user, one to admin email, and one that said it is verified to user.

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