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  1. website down with some error message after changing the VPS machine

    Hi, we have changed our VPS (spec. cenos 6, plesk 10.3). our website was in centos 5 and plesk 9 where we setup the site. now when i transfer the site by coping the database and all files the site is...
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    listing comparison feature

    Hi, i have recently installed flynax auto in our website. "Now is it possible to have a comparison checkbox that will compare diffrent listing? ". as we see it in some ecommerce site provides product...
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    password reset not sending email

    hi i just installed a flynex auto trader. i can create account but if it does not send any email when i try password reset email. it does give me message as " Remind Password instructions has been...
  4. Is there any plugins for Page Minify/SEO

    Hi, can anybody suggest how can i enable code minify,page cache, sitemap on motor trader theme.
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    Car Registration number search

    Hi Jone,
    thanks for the reply.
    i want to add this service at the beganing of the sell my car form.
    if you google "car registration check" you will see lot of sites providing this service. Few...
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    Car Registration number search

    hi, i have seen VIN search field but how can i add Car registration number search that would show car specific mode, color, type etc. as it does in other sites, like autotrader and lots more. also...
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