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    How to Change the font color of headings

    Hi, We're using the Realty Signs template for the real estate theme.

    We are trying to change the font color of the headings for each page (for example, "Agents", "24 Services Found", etc.)

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    "View Details" Tabs

    Under the "View Details" page, we changed the 'video' tab to the first position and the 'listing' tab to the third position.

    However, when we visit the "View Details" page, the 'listing tab' still...
  3. We tried this, and the order of the tabs changed....

    We tried this, and the order of the tabs changed. HOWEVER, when we refresh the listings details page, the page still loads with the 'listing' tab automatically displayed.

    For example, we want...
  4. new template gives 404 error -- need to fix suhosin extension

    Hello! We are trying to update our realty site's template to "Realty Signs." We uploaded the template to our server under "templates." Then, under Common --> Configurations, we selected...
  5. Where to change the font for the "Contact Owner" form?

    Hi, I'm trying to change the font for the "Contact Owner" form... do you know where I can do this? I've looked everywhere, including all the .tpl files and the .css files... any idea where it might...
  6. How do I change the order of the tabs for listings?

    I am trying to change the order of the tabs on the listing page. (Please see attached picture.) Currently, the tabs read "listing" > "profile" > "video" > "Tell a friend." I would like to change...
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    It worked! Thank you!

    It worked! Thank you!
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    how do I change the registration button?

    Hi, I'd like to change the Registration button (at the top right, next to log in), so that it says "Create a Profile." How can I do this? Thanks
  9. Thank you!

    It worked!

    How can I change the link from the favicon? (please see attached .jpg picture)

  10. Changing the link associated with the logo

    When I click on the logo on the upper left side, the link takes me to index.php. How do I change this so that the link takes me to another page?

    I've checked all the .tpl files and the .css...
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    How to change Advanced Search?

    Where do I go in the admin panel to change the information for "advanced search"? Thanks.

    Also, what does enable groups mean?
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    Help - Quick Search not functioning

    In the real estate version of Flynax, there are three pages where you can search for things: Properties, Search, and Services.

    All of these search forms (both quick search and advanced search)...
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