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  1. Help with Field Bound Boxes Customisation

    Hi everyone!

    I have tried to customise my Field Bound Boxes.

    I use Multifield Plugin and have the following:

    level0 = Region
    level1 = Province
    level2 = City
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    Multifield Geo Filter function

    Hello everyone!

    I'm running flynax for a general listings website for Mexico only. In multifield i have 3 selections.

    -Country {ppp}
    -State {ppp_level1}
    -City {ppp_level2}

    I'm using a box...
  3. How a Spider like Google Bot or Yahoo see the website

    Hi! Is there any way to disallow a few words to be indexed by Search Engines Spiders? In my case it index all of the years, many time the word "Cualquiera" that means "Any", used in the DropDown...
  4. Thanks' Viktor, So anyway i should delete all...

    Thanks' Viktor,

    So anyway i should delete all the fields manually as the come pre built right?

    I'll think about it lol, sometimes is going to be faster just adding these 3 new fields than...
  5. How to add a Field 1-Time for all Categories

    Is there any way to add a field to all categories without modyfing them one by one?

    For example:

    I've created 3 New Fields with MultiField Geo

  6. Sorry, used search function and found another...

    Sorry, used search function and found another topic, i will submit a ticket. Thx!
  7. How to remove Plan Type Selection when posting a new Listing?

    Good Afternoon!

    Is there any way to remove the Plan Selection step??

    All of my listing would be free and i dont need Featured Listings or Plan.

    is there any way to remove this step?
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    Good evening, i'm available for a paid...

    Good evening, i'm available for a paid translation into Italian language for the website, plugins and admin page.

    Send me a PM or an email at

    Best Regards
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    Ajax Live Search City Field

    Good Afternoon everyone!!

    Is there any way someone know to implement the Ajax Live Search Box for City Field/Post code??

    I already seen many websites with this intresting function but it looks...
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    MultiField Update.. When????

    Hi everyone!

    Does someone know when would the MultiField Geo Plugin be updated??

    I already had to do the job twice as also other users expected the problem of this plugin.

    The problem:...
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    How can i configure Price Tag?


    I've just installed General Simple Red Theme and i'm wondering how to confgiure and show the Price Tag for the listings.

    The Red label nex to the picture/listing title on the general Simple...
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    Facebook Connect Issue

    Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to use Facebook Connect Plugin.. I already created and App on Facebook Developers and i inserted Api & Secret Key on the configurations-->Facebook Connect. I also set the...
  13. It's the basic template Clear Sky no...

    It's the basic template Clear Sky no customizations... gonna send you a PM Later! Thx!
  14. How can i move Quick Search on Clear Sky Template?

    Hi everyone... how can i move the Quick Search (see pic) on the homepage of my website? I want to move it under the Categories or maybe on the top but Quick Search on the left and featured listings...
  15. Thx! :) :)

    Thx! :) :)
  16. How can i Create a Recently Added box similar to Featured Listings box?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm wondering if is possible to create a "Recently Added" box similar to the Featured Listings Box... so that Recently Added listing appears in a box on the homepage..

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    Admin page "Phishing" HELP!!

    Hi, i own the website

    Since a few days when i try to login to my admin page at the address:

    I receive an Alert from Google,...
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    Try also Piwik .. is an Open Source plugin...

    Try also Piwik .. is an Open Source plugin similar to Analytics... easy to install and light... I'm really happy with it!!
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    Hi Guys!! Mine is , is a...

    Hi Guys!!

    Mine is , is a General Classifieds website for Cancun and Playa del Carmen, two paradise cities in Mexico!! Website is under construction.. still have to create...
  20. If "Rent" is selected "Rent Time Frame" dropdown... HOW??

    Hi everyone.. I'm trying to implement this option (already existing on the realty version of flynax).

    I have a category called: Apartments.

    A person can Sell or Rent the apartment, what i want...
  21. Vary Accept Encoding & Static Resources

    Hi Eveyone... just tested my website with

    and as result of the test i received a few suggestions:


    1)The following...
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    City automatic selection

    Hi everyone...

    I would like to know if is possible to apply this thing as i'm not really good with Php.

    When someone want to add a New Listing this is what happens:

    1-Select a Category...
  23. Featured Listing that goes on 1st position every (X) hours/days in the Category.

    Hi Everyone.

    Does anybody know how to make this possible?

    Some websites like allow this Featured Option.

    It consists in Moving the Featured Listing on the top of the category every...
  24. Integrated Analytics/Shynistat Plugin in the Admin Panel

    Hi Eveyone... Just a litte stupid idea for the future...

    Why not to make a section in the Admin panel that connects to the Google Analytics or ShinyStat control panel to monitor the traffic on the...
  25. Thanks! :) :)

    Thanks! :) :)
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