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  1. [ALL][ Version 4.1.0] User menu bug!

    Discription - I found a bug in user menu

    When a user edited and saved his profile, some links disappear in the user menu.
    Disappearances links are e.g.:

    My Listings
    My Banners
  2. INFO! [General][4.1][Simple Blue] URL field in registration with 2 dots doesn't work

    @ Morgan
    I have check your problem.
    But i could not reconstruct this url problem. - = ok.
    Except when the follow was entered. - !!!!!
  3. [General][4.1][Category Filter Plugin 1.0.7] - Custom Subcategory Bug

    I will quote Omar Barkawi

    Other users incl. myself can confirm this bug.

    Solution: Not found.

  4. [General][4.1] - Amenities on Google Map Bug

    I will quote user Jean-francois Bernard

    I can also confirm this bug.
    I even think all can confirm this problem.

    Solution: Not found.

  5. [General][4.1][Payment Gateways] - Missing PENDING Status

    Some payments become after payment transaction the status -> Pending.
    It does not matter wether paypal, payza or whatever you use -> the most payment gateways has a pending status!
    Now we have the...
  6. [General][4.1][Coupon Code Plugin 2.0.3] - Code usage bug.

    Let's assume the coupon code can only be used once time.
    During a failed payment, the customer can not use again the same coupon code.
    Not even then if he chooses a different payment method.
  7. [General][4.1][All template] - Renew / Upgrade Listing Plan Bug

    I will quote user Pete Young

    If a customer renew a listing, then it must turned again and goes back to the top.
    Everything else makes no sense! The customer must pay for that!
    Would you pay...
  8. [General][4.1][All template][Banner Plugin 2.3.1] - Add banner and payment problem...

    INFO! It is a clean fresh installation of the current banner plugin! Not updated version.

    1. If a customer want to place a image banner,
    he gets after the image upload by the next step following...
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