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  1. [General][4.1][Simple Blue] URL field in registration with 2 dots doesn't work

    User field URL in registration page can not coop with, reject as faulty url.

    Solution: (Thanks to Steffen)
    Open includes/classes/rlValid.class.php
    Go to -...
  2. [General][4.1][Simple Blue] & will show up as amp& in FlyDroid-[Android Connect 1.03]

    The amp sign & will show up as amp& in categories when connecting my site to FlyDroid. Cameras & Videos will be Cameras amp& Videos.

    Solution: Not found.


  3. Users bug thread with or without solutions

    Hi all,
    To keep a record of all bugs and solutions, this is a list of the bugs we can find in order to get a solution for them if possible.

    The format for reporting would be:

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