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  1. Thanks All

    Thanks All
  2. Old logo and changes shows after clear caches

    Hello ,,

    Every time I made changes in style.css , even though I clear caches , old logos shows and old deleted pictures show even , even the changes I made in style.css takes multiple clearing...
  3. Thanks it works now

    Thanks it works now
  4. Hi Wei Hong ,, I have created phone number in...

    Hi Wei Hong ,,

    I have created phone number in listing field , but my question is how can I add the phone number in listing form ?

  5. Adding Contact Number in Adding list filed

    Hello Flynax Support team ..

    How can I add Phone number in add listing field ?

  6. Replies

    Auto_flatty template photo removing

    Hello ,

    I want to ask how to remove the picture highlighted in shown in attached photo please .

    Thanks in Advance .
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