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  1. Enable html code on listing details page


    I'm still trying to figure out, how to embed 360degree images directly to a listing details page. Now I created a text area listing field with FCK editor enabled and visibility limited to the...
  2. Showing 360 degrees images on listing details page

    Hello all together!

    I would like to offer my customers a possibility to ad 360degrees images to their ads which can be viewed as a virtual tour thereafter directly on the listing details page....
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    PWA Plugin and Google Ranking

    Hello all together!

    Can anyone of the PWA users tell me, if installation of the PWA plugin resulted in better Google (mobile) rankings?
    Any experiences so far?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello all together! Thanks for this...

    Hello all together!

    Thanks for this interesting thread. I guess, anyone of us is spending a huge amount of time optimizing SEO settings to get better rankings. But beside all that - what about...
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    Hello Skorpion, I had the same problems after...

    Hello Skorpion,

    I had the same problems after the update. Finally I deleted the latest version and switched back to 2.1.0. Now the site is working again.
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    Duolicate URLs SEO Problem


    can anyone tell me please, why I get these kind of URL Duplicates when I check my site with different SEO Tools:

    and then again

  7. Booking Plugin: rental period based on days, not nights

    Hello all together!

    I'm going to offer some special-tools for rent on my site.
    Now with the current configuration of the booking plugin, the rental period (and so the total price) is calculated...
  8. Comma in Price disappearing when multistep ad is activated

    Good Day,

    when I ad a listing by multistep procedure (which I find more practical), the comma (cents separator) in the price disappears and ? 29,90 becomes ? 2.990,00.
    When single step is...
  9. Auction: several e-mail notifications not working

    Good Day, all together!

    I just recognized that bidders do not get any notification in case of an outbid by another user.
    The respective mail-template "increase_auction_bid" is activated in the...
  10. jslider performance poor on mobile devices

    Hi all together,

    during testing different category filters, I am experiencing very poor performance on mobile devices, as soon as a slider is used for a specific listing field (price, etc...).
  11. Listing Preview: Listing Title not shown

    Good Day all together!

    When adding a listing via multistep procedure, on the last step (preview) the page title is shown instead of the listing title.
    Is there a simple way to solve this issue?
  12. Is there a simple way to have the filter building...

    Is there a simple way to have the filter building the respective 2nd level link from the english title only?

    for example
  13. Hi Rudi, meanwhile, i translated some of the...

    Hi Rudi,

    meanwhile, i translated some of the regions back to their "original" title (as per world locations database) - and voila' the filter works again.
    So it seems to be definetely a language...
  14. Multifield/Location Filter - 2nd level not working

    Good day all together!

    I have an issue with the multifield/location filter:
    When choosing a country/state (1st level), the filter works fine.
    When choosing a region (2nd level), the filter...
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