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  1. Admin Interface Missing Buttons (not the multi button issue we have all seen)

    Since version 4.7.2 and now in updated version 4.8.0
    I notice that my admin interface is showing buttons without text.

    Perhaps I am missing some language entries?
    Or something else is happening?...
  2. Admin - Backend - Content Boxes Editing is not visible suddenly

    Backend / Admin - Content Boxes is not showing any info at all, no grid, no list, just the title of the page, then blank.

    I recently upgraded to version 4.7.1 from 4.7.0 and all seemed to be ok....
  3. How to remove www. prefix from the site main URL ?

    Hello, I was looking for correct information on all the places I need to touch to configure FlyNax to work without the www. prefix in the URL

    for example, I want the default site to be...
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    I worked with flynax team to replace all my admin...

    I worked with flynax team to replace all my admin CKeditor blocks to just simple textarea fields, and now everything is working perfectly.
  5. Working Code Added, based on FlyNax Support answer

    okay after discussions with FlyNax Support and clearing my cache on my browser correctly, I have determined that the last suggestion does actually work.
    However, the position is critical. I was...
  6. This code does not work either... as the other...

    This code does not work either... as the other rewrite rules still execute/apply, this adding all the other parameters to the resulting URL
    it still generates this exact URL...
  7. Redirect still not working as expected

    when I try your code it fails.
    I put this line at the end of .htaccess in the root folder

    Redirect /Home/ClassifiedsAds/163/

    and the result is...
  8. and I put these at the end of .htaccess? or where...

    and I put these at the end of .htaccess? or where is best?
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    Thank you Victor, one more question.

    this is fantastic help...thank you Victor.

    I added the following code to the display.

    <div style="margin: 15px 0">
    <a target="_blank" class="link" href="{$listing_link}">Review or Edit...
  10. Managing 301 Redirects correctly in FlyNax htaccess file


    I have just converted a long standing live classifieds site to FlyNax version 4.6.1

    I am now trying to manage the hundreds, and even thousands of broken links.

    I would normally do...
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    I do everything in source mode... I do not like...

    I do everything in source mode... I do not like the wysiwyg editor at all.

    however, each time I save... the editor "intelligently" removes tags as it see fit.

    and after messing with it for a...
  12. yeah I have tried exactly that on many different...

    yeah I have tried exactly that on many different attempts, in many different flavors.

    Object inspector shows that these two are being applied, but my seond list-style is being ignored and...
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    CKEditor Off in Admin Interface

    Is there a way to turn of CKEditor in the admin interface and just let me use raw text editor?

    If this setting exists, I missed it somewhere.

    I am tired of trying to work around the CKEditor...
  14. that class is just recently added an hour or so...

    that class is just recently added an hour or so ago, that class is to change color of the text in certain boxes.
    But I was having trouble with the lists long before that.

    Yes, I want the lists...
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    thanks Bahram Soltanirad... so far it seems to be...

    thanks Bahram Soltanirad... so far it seems to be behaving as I need. Tweaking and testing now.
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    Listing Package by User? or for Admin only?

    Is there a clever or non-clever way to have a listing package that functions in the admin interface only?

    My requirement/need:

    I use my own site to list ads for me personally.
    I want to be...
  17. Using OL and UL in content blocks not showing as formatted lists

    When I add custom blocks and add Lists either with UL or OL and LI items...

    the text displays however no formatting that looks like a list.

    It seems to be removed via css... or am I missing...
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    Solution: For whatever reason... "Add" button was...

    Solution: For whatever reason... "Add" button was tagged as an "Ad" by the Ad Blocker software that comes by default with Opera... not sure why.. .possibly just the word "Ad" was flagged.

    When I...
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    Admin Interface Add Button not displaying

    In the admin area,
    Suddenly, I notice that a lot of the "Add A Listing" , or "Add an Account" buttons are no longer displaying.
    The gray left and right rounded corners are showing, but the actual...
  20. I have the same problem. However when I try to...

    I have the same problem. However when I try to create that phrase, it keeps telling me it is already defined? However I cannot search it by phrase or phrase key? Any suggestions how to correct?
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    Contact Seller for Pricing - Tpl updates

    This is my solution for this code on the listing_details.tpl file.

    <!-- price tag -->
    {if $price_tag_value > 0}
    <div class="price-tag" id="df_field_price"><span>{$price_tag_value}</span> {if...
  22. How to set default listing type in search results

    :General Classifieds:

    When I click on a category on home page and it takes me to that category page.
    the default view is map view.

    two questions:

    Q: can I eliminate map view? (In my...
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    Mixing Templates

    I am moderately unclear on why certain templates are slated for use for different flavors of the Flynax software.

    To be more clear, Why cant I use an Auto Classifieds template like "Heavy...
  24. "The Administrator hasnt yet populated the listing form with fields

    I have been messing with settings and things, and suddenly I cannot post any classified ad.

    After I select a category and then press "Next"

    the error

    "The Administrator hasnt yet populated...
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