View Full Version : (Geo Filtering plugin) suggestions for improvements!

January 28, 2013, 11:58 PM
Hello Flynax,

First of all, this plugin (Geo Filtering) is just Awesome!

However, I have some suggestions for improvements.
Should other users have any comments or other suggestions, please post it here.

1. Display ‘Locations as a list’ in Vertical view (see img1)
Switching Horizontal view into Vertical will improve visibility and accessibility.
At least if you can add additional option to change this, it will be great.

2. Add page Title for Geo Filtering
We already discussed about this on the following post: http://www.flynax.com/forum/showthread.php?745-Page-title-for-Geo-Filtering
Also applies to Meta Description.
Adding current location to page title will help to resolve duplicate content issue and avoid penalties from search engines.

3. Add location name to H1 Header tag
For example: if you access category page with listings posted in Los Angeles, then H1 tag should show ‘Los Angeles {cat_name}’.
It will improve visibility, so users don’t have to look up in the address bar for current location.

4. Ability to display blocks only on Root page
For instance, certain blocks can be visible only on the Root page, and will Not be visible on every ‘Location home page’.
For example:
Root page - http://general.demoflynax.com
Location home page - http://general.demoflynax.com/united-states

It will help to sort content from other home pages that uses Geo Filtering plugin.

5. Ability to access Categories only via Geo Filtering (if enabled)
To avoid duplicate content issue; the access to categories must be available only via Geo Filtering.