View Full Version : Search By Distance bug

Petrache Nicolae
September 11, 2012, 05:38 PM
hello. i have the latest version installed and i have added in "plugins-Searching by distance" Romania as country. I have disabled all the contries except Romania and now, in "configurations-search by distance" i can't select romania as default country. the selector is loked. I found that if i activate one of the countries that are installed with the addon, for instance Italy, i can select now romania. so i have selected romania as default and after this i have disabled italy so in frontend i will have just romania. problem is that in the front end will not work, will receive "Failed to find your location" if i have romania (iso code RO). If i leave italy as well beside romania, the addon will work, no error will show and on page refresh i will have a location from romania but users can select now italy or romania wich is not ok. we have ads just from romania and want to show just romania in that area.