View Full Version : Do we still need to register a Google maps key with 4.8.0 if using alternate maps

Graham Jupp
December 10, 2019, 11:08 PM
I've updated to 4.8.0 yesterday on a site that is still in production. I never originally set up a Google maps key as was waiting for the new alternate mapping.

The problem I have is my site is not correctly automatically detecting user's approx location when they first visit the site and is instead showing the map centered on the town of Meru in Kenya, Africa (I had a friend also test it who is on a different ISP and he is seeing the same location appear by default, even though we are both in Australia). If I press the locater arrow on the map then it identifies me as being in Sydney based on my IP, which is closer to my location).

Additionally if I try disable the auto detection of location in admin and set to a default location of for example "Brisbane QLD, Australia" then when I visit the search on maps page it first sends me to a location in the atlantic ocean way off the south west coast of africa.

If I am using the Openstreetmaps option for mapping do I still need to set up a Google maps server key or API key? I notice on your demo of 4.7.2 that when entering Admin / Basic settings / Location Finder, that the "default location" is actually a drop down menu is able to supply location suggestions and is "powered by Google". On my site's admin page this is NOT showing suggestions and I simply have to type in a complete default location by hand, this is also the case when attempting to change the setting at admin /Basic settings / maps-geocoding / search on maps / default location.

Any clues as to what the issue might be? Is it related to not having a Google Maps key? Even though I'm using Openstreetmaps for both Geocoding service provider and maps service provider in my settings.

December 11, 2019, 03:21 AM
Alternative maps you can use without Google map API keys.