View Full Version : 4.7.1 Multifield Upgrade Confusion

Pete Young
May 4, 2019, 01:05 PM
After Upgrading multifield we now have 2 options in content boxes

Location > {include file='blocks'|cat:$smarty.const.RL_DS|cat:'account _page_location.tpl'}


Location Filter > {include file=$smarty.const.RL_PLUGINS|cat:"multiField"|cat:$smarty.const.RL_DS|cat:"geo_box.tpl"}

Now I understand the second one as it used to say My Location ? or similar, but what does the (first one) Location one do ? I can not get anything to show anywhere ?

EDIT also some clarification /

it seems like locations as a list is missing ? and also Looks like the settings for number of columns have gone as well ? / but now everything is stuck as it was set before with no way of changing it ? or is there another place we change the number of columns / list etc ?