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Chris Brown
June 16, 2012, 03:48 PM
I have seen many plugin requests on here, some seem great yet others seem to be not classified related or seem to be more personal to the person that requested them.

I have been trying to think of things that would make flynax better and more competitive with other sites. So i have been searching through other classified sites to see what they have to offer that we dont.

Heres a few plugin ideas that i believe are needed:

- Bulk uploader (had this in 3.2 so i would think this will be made available in the near future)

- Data Feeds (alot of the main sites use these in the uk, i dont really have much experience with them, but if the big sites have them so should we :D)

- Feedback (would be good to have something like this, easy way for users to submit issues or improvement ideas. Maybe have it with alittle tab similar to the comparison tab, then a popup screen with form and recently asked questions)

- Phpbb3/other free forum bridge (i have seen we have the vbulliten bridge and there was a bridge for 3.2 so would presume we will see this in the future)

A couple less important ones:

- Remote Adverts Plugin (i used this on my other sites such as my blog etc, i thought this was great. Would be nice to have this as a search feature though so users could search cars from other sites. I have seen the biggest uk car classified site has this on numerous sites)

- Blog/news improvements (i love adding news to my website, would be great to have either a proper inbuilt blog or even improvements on the news, for example being able to categorise the articles and maybe have news blocks that you can choose which category to display)

Any thoughts :D

Morgan Bohman
June 17, 2012, 06:42 AM
I will also share my thoughts regarding to plugin and functionality.

- Remote Adverts is a great plugin and drives a lot of traffic to your site so I think this is not so less important.

- Banner plugin with the ability to insert scripts like you have i.e. Tradedoubler etc. Right now I'm forced to insert a html page via source to make it work and still you break your frames as the html page can not reduce size accordingly to page layout. This worked in 3.2.

- The whole idea to make this kind of site successful, is how your customers see it and use it so I can think that in some ways, presenting the listings is a bit overdone with colorful, rounded holders. I can think of a plugin that easily let you chose different style in this regards. Checkout www.blocket.se for some ideas, it is largest site in Sweden and they totally dominate the market with very few exceptions.

- Internal chat module between registered customers would be nice as you can see if the seller or buyer are online and can ask and make deals in real time. This should be as a smartphone app as well.

- Integreted forum module instead of 3:d party once. There are some really nice onces over at hotscripts.com free of charge or develop a lite version cause you already have the corner stones.

- CSS style plugin for easy change of text styles, color and behaviors, looks and feel.

- API for communicating with other classifieds, both to show their listings and share mine. We have something could all listings which shows all major classifieds in one page and if we could have a xml or db based export script, this could drive a lot of traffic.

So I wish also that we could solve and sort out the bugs that we now have and we could, in that respect, have a plugin for logging that could be sent to support. It could be so easy as http requests and php errors.

And the last, but not the least: pls. share all your modifications in one thread, it would be great if we could teach each other when smart and nifty things shows up. As there are no manual written yet, it takes a lot of testing to accheive something andlike you, I have a thousand questions :confused:

Very best regards from Sweden, pleased to hear you opinions regarding this.


Chris Brown
July 13, 2012, 08:37 PM
Had another idea :) mainly for auto classifieds. A plugin to remind car owners of tax and MOT expiry. They enter their expiry dates of the MOT and tax disc then when the time comes they get email reminder from the website.

Another one is 'other listings from dealer' a plugin that shows other listings from the dealer thats displayed at the bottom of listing detail page that are owned by dealers, using the same principal of the listing box design

August 29, 2012, 11:00 AM
Hello Chris, Morgan.
Thanks for all your ideas and new features/plugins suggestions, we have almost of them in our TODO list and now I have added a few more :)
We will keep working on new plugins always. Keep an eye on our blog!


Peter Jonsson
August 29, 2012, 03:22 PM
- The whole idea to make this kind of site successful, is how your customers see it and use it...

To have a successful website doesnt mean you need to have all the plugins.
I would rather go to a site easy to use than a slow site with alot of stuff on it that are "harder" to use.

Keep it simple.

A tip for you are that if you gonna have your site on Swedish than translate all and not just a part. Looks more professional. =)

Morgan Bohman
August 29, 2012, 07:19 PM
Yepp I agree, if you look around on the more "successful" sites, they are pretty basic with a rigid, basic function that works and is fast to load. I would rather focus on things like remote adverts, xml feeds and api's to incorporate other sites listings or deliver listings to other sites in a sort of co-junction. This will bring more interest and traffic.
For the user it must be easy to insert the ad, there must be a effective search system so that the listings are seen.
Yes Peter, I am on the translation, bit for bit :-) Right now I'm designing the site, based on the idea I had from the beginning and hopefully, when some small things are ironed out and bugs are sorted, I can launch it. Under the meantime, I have to keep up my customer.