View Full Version : Escort Wide button to checkout

Ilyas Bakouch
April 17, 2017, 08:02 PM

So I want to add a button with the following behaviour :

1- User clicks on the button
2- He is taken to a checkout page for a specific package already created in Monetization->Packages menu
2 a - Or he is taken directly to Paypal to pay a predefined amount of money
3- When checkout is done, user is redirected back to where he was in the first place

I have the following problems:
I've added the button to the template but I can't figure out the link of the checkout page. I'm trying: http://www.flynax.dev/upgrade-listing/featured_paid.html?id=5 (where featured_paid is the name of the package) but I'm getting a 404

Any help is appreciated.