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Zedri Mohamed
May 7, 2012, 05:25 PM
Hi there,

I would like to suggest a new plugin.

Your Sellers Can Share Tweets...

The Twitter Feed Addon allows your sellers to link their listings on your site with their Twitter account. They can feed their Twitter "tweets" directly onto their Listing Display page. As the seller places each listing, they can enter their Twitter account ID for each listing they place. So, if they have more than one twitter account, they can use individual Twitter ID's for different listings.

Shown below is an example of what the Twitter feed will look like for your sellers on their Listing Display page of your site. If they do not enter a Twitter ID when placing their listing, you can designate a default Twitter account to be fed to the Listing Display instead. This allows you to feed your own Twitter account tweets to listings in which the seller has not specified their own Twitter ID. This addon is fully customizable with its own switches and settings in the software's admin panel.