View Full Version : Invoices 2.0.0 PDF Bug

Athanasios Christou
January 12, 2017, 01:03 PM

the Plugin Invoice 2.0.0 has a Bug to see the PDF.

I think in plugins/invoices/invoice_in_pdf.tpl file is missing.

see video :


please fix the plugin.

Best regards
A. Christou

January 13, 2017, 05:40 AM
Hello A. Christou,

1. We've already fixed this problem in plugin and fix will be available in a new version.
2. I've applied fix to your website, you can check it.
3. To fix problem you need made following changes:

In file \plugins\invoices\list_responsive_42.tpl in row ~39

<a target="_blank" title="{$lang.invoice_in_pdf}" href="{$rlBase}{if $config.mod_rewrite}{$pages.invoice_in_pdf}/{$item.Txn_ID}.html{else}?page={$pages.invoice_in_ pdf}&amp;item={$item.Txn_ID}{/if}"><img src="{$smarty.const.RL_PLUGINS_URL}invoices/static/pdf.png" /></a>

replace to

<a target="_blank" title="{$lang.invoice_in_pdf}" href="{$rlBase}{if $config.mod_rewrite}{$pages.invoice_in_pdf}/service.html?item={$item.ID}{else}?page={$pages.in voice_in_pdf}&amp;type=service&amp;item={$item.ID}{/if}"><img src="{$smarty.const.RL_PLUGINS_URL}invoices/static/pdf.png" /></a>