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Pete Young
July 28, 2016, 01:45 PM
I thought that the shopping cart worked separate to having to sign up to the site to buy something ? am i dreaming that for people to use the cart they have to sign up ? or have I missed some destruction's ?

Also when i try and sign up i get these fields

Country *
State (ISO code) *
Zip code *
City *
Address *

all of these have changed in my site as we do not have zips etc / so where do I edit the listing fields for this ? also only one country selected on my site but the dial up here has them all ? where do I turn of the other 99 ?

it then asks me for a phone and a VAT number ? what are they we do not have those so i suppose where do we remove those fields?


also when I go back into my admin panel it is saying the seller account has been removed for being unpaid ?

say what when where and how ?

Edit : worked that out the purchaser did not pay so it was cancelled order ?

while on shopping cart what does QWT stand for up the top ? next to the cart picture ?

Delon Govender
July 29, 2016, 11:45 PM
HI Pete,

a simple one I can answer I think the QWT is quantity in the cart, the other problems I believe maybe be in the data base we had to set Australia as default hope this helps as i don't hold much hope of support helping, I must say I feel a bit bewildered by the lack of support and bugs that appear on a regular basis. I do believe the software is however pretty good but cant see people making glowing recommendations of it which is sad in a way!:(

Pete Young
July 30, 2016, 04:15 AM
HI Pete,

a simple one I can answer I think the QWT is quantity in the cart, :( Ok thanks I thought it may mean quantity, just that quantity abbreviated is not QWT ? it is QTY so an edit to fix that, just wondering why nobody has ever corrected this mistake.

as for the editing the rest yes it must be in the system some how but as it stands the shopping cart is not suitable or relevant to certain parts of the world and is rigid.

As for support, yes it is bad and confusing at times, if at best, but after a while you sort of get used to it, and it no longer becomes a problem if that makes any sense, most of the team at flynax are a good bunch of people and where they can they do help out and support, I think the way they run a business is very much different to how a business runs here, if a business ran like that here it would no longer be in business, but some countries have other rules and ways they do things, you will learn to work around things as you go.