View Full Version : Subcategory Vertical View Instead of Horizontal View in Flynax v4.5

Ameer Hassan
June 4, 2016, 12:37 PM
Hi Everyone, :)

I m going to guide you how to show subcategories in vertical view instead of horizontal view,

1. Open your Style css file and fine

.categories .sub_categories > span:not(:last-of-type):after

And change
content: ',' to
content: ' '

2. Go to /public_html/templates/YourTemplate/tpl/blocks/categories_block.tpl

Edit categories_block.tpl

Find This line

{if $smarty.section.sub_cat.last && $cat.sub_categories|@count > $box_listing_type.Ablock_subcat_number}

<br> Right Before it after</span>

And Here you Go :)

Best Regards