View Full Version : Crucial Key components needed - Plugins, updates, upgrades, features, tweaks

Sisay Beshah
May 26, 2016, 05:09 PM
Anyone interested with these request?

Can you guys Please adapt anything very vital features and plugins from the following sites:


Back-end need to be reworked. Well organized better responsive design Bootstrap back-end framework needed.

We need the ones that are needed for our site that have to do with selling products or offering services such as automated or flat shipping rate calculator & delivery tracking & sales tax fee, Sales Transactions & invoices, better internal messaging and user feedback system, Category and title specific listing formats, category specific Listing Fields, category specific Listing Types, category specific Description Display, category specific Ads Pricing, and etc.

-Category Specific Templates.
-Category Specific Price Listing Format: If price field is empty, show a drop down word(s) menu like, 0 (Zero), Fee, Call, Giveaway , Donation & etc.

- http://gumtree.com version of 5 or 6 column gallery view layout template for every raw need including landingpage
to have the option admin to choose & setup @ back-end (a picture speaks more than a thousand of words).

-allow sellers Print Invoice in order to send it along with product to buyers. -allow admins print invoice or send invoice via email.

-Better sitemaps

Listing payment preference options for seller & payment instruction form .eg. Seller accepts PayPal, credit card or Check.
Contact seller/offer via phone or live chat eg. http://quikr.com,
make an offer button & form. eg. http://quikr.com

Password protected electronic audio files, ticket numbers, gift cards numbers, docs, files or apps for sells/bid ads.
Attach important documents for all prospective bidders to read or download.
-MSP: (Maximum Selling Price) Calculator eg. http://navimumbai.quikr.com/msp?type=landing&aj=1
Plugins should be category or title specific eg. we don't need loan or mortgage calculator show up in clothing, shoe, electronics or other ads except in homes or auto sells category.

and keep making what we already have more Secure, user friendly & stable.

While we lacking all the above mentioned important features and plugins, I don't think it's a priority to keep getting and keep loading the script with a third party API like weather, pagseguro, payfast gateway, or plugin like Polls & other stuffs that is directly irrelevant & don't make or add any money or value to our site, it rather makes any flynax based site slow & sluggish due to the no direct positive impact third party API/plugins.

Its very important & beneficial for all of us to consider what is primarily needed and Thank You for your attention!