View Full Version : How Have people set up thier seo ?

Pete Young
January 19, 2015, 11:58 AM
I have in the categories assigned title to title, description to description etc and installed the site maps pluggin, but I seem to still get poor search results for most if not all listings, and I understand things take time but some listing have unique titles etc and have been in a long time, yet are still not seen on even the top ten pages.

some i get the mobile URL for and some the pdf ?, even had a misspelled title in there for ages that would not even come up, I am thinking this may be to do with the faulty geo location using the keys as the URL ? and where i have used extra letters in the keys not knowing it was broken ?

so how are others getting the seo set up correct / am i doing something wrong / never really had this problem before ?

Edit: I have noticed on the listing where I have repeated the title in the beginning of the description I have good results / is something that can be set up better in the back end ?