View Full Version : Field Groups + map issue in responsive

Petrache Nicolae
June 19, 2014, 06:43 AM
I have a clean install of 4.3 with general responsive and i have a issue with Field Groups.
I have activated the general and location Field Groups, i have populated each of them with the proper fields and, when i create the listing all is ok, the fields show in the groups like they are specified in admin, but, when i view the listing i have created, all the fields do not show under the proper tab, like in the demo. They show in right side of the image, without the Fields Groups names. Why?


In adition the map shows empty but if i click on it, it will expand and show properly the location as it was specified when creating the listing. This happens with or without the plugin Location finder. I have noticed that in my case i have the google key visible like you see in image but, in your case, you don't have any key there. Beside this i can't find anything else different.


These 2 bugs happen in general responsive. If i activate general green for instance, the bugs are gone.