View Full Version : I am soo pissed at flynax support right now :mad::mad::mad:

Kemoid Wilson
December 10, 2013, 03:04 AM
I updated my software to v4.2 started to get a lot of errors. I wanted to see if it was the script fault so I installed a fresh copy on a test domain, and everything worked well so I decided to let flynax install a fresh copy of the original software and transfer the information from my old database. After submitting a ticket I was told this would cost me 25USD although I was told that this was suppose to be a free service but since I had no support package I assumed that this is why I was charged.

Here is the problem I have with support. After a long wait for the transfer of my database I noticed that it didn't make the situation any better as a matter of fact it got worst, some of the functions that is working perfectly on my test website is not working on my original website. I message flynax about this and I was told that I had modification done and it will cost me an extra 50USD. Why!!!! All I did was change the css for the general modern template. This is not fair and my website hasn't been fully functional from Dec 27, 2013 until now.

December 10, 2013, 05:02 AM
Hello Kemoid,
I understand your frustration but you should understand us as well, we are charging 25 USD for each additional installation
because sometime customers asking to re-install the software a few times per day. Also this services doesn't depend on your
support plan condition. The software installation is easy process and you can simple do it self for free.

About your comment about 50 USD, actually changing css can't affect the website functionality and probably problem occur
after template merging. Who did the upgrade for you by the way? Could you PM me your ticket ID? I will try to sort it out.

Sorry for inconvenient Kemoid, I really want to solve this issue and make all happy.