View Full Version : adult escorts directory using Flynax and CCBILL plugin ? any one have this issue ??

Michael Brian
November 17, 2013, 04:27 PM
Hi all
First i would like to know if anyone have at the moment CCbill as merchant using flynax ? I have request to have the plug in installed and few days later the plug in was installed
Flynax team haved first answering me YES WE HAVE PLUG IN WITH CCBILL and the following days later, another team member mention to me we do not provide ccbill plug in anymore

Well i run an adult website escorts directory and CCBILL working with me to clean up my site ( policies requirement ) and help me step by step in the process.
They are well aware of what i do ( escorts classified ) and they have no problem offering merchant service BUT I NEED TO COMPLY TO THEIR POLICIES.

The only policy they HAVE A REAL PROBLEM WITH is : my site is 18 years + adult oriented.
( THIS MEAN the one who sign up and place an ad on my site need to be over the age of 18 years old + AND I AGREE WITH THIS.... )

It's been few days i have inform flynax about this little issue:
ASKING THEM REMOVED/BLOCK the sign up age from : 1996 - 2013 ( as CCBILL request ) to enable my merchant account )

oh yeah someone have reply to my ticket about it but just seems to ignore my request NOT ENVEN MENTION TO ME ABOUT IT OR WHEN IT WILL BE DONE....

Guys i pay my support every month for a reason , and right now you guys make me lose LOTS OF MONEY..........

Whats up with that .....