View Full Version : Multi-field/Geo filtering

Petrache Nicolae
October 31, 2013, 07:49 AM
hello. there are several issues with this great plugin

let's say you have counties as first level and cities as level 2

1. if you filter the listings via this plugin, you get results and link is changed according to the filter but than, if you change the page like going to home page, the filter is not gone. it stays active and that means you will get false results becouse it will search from than till you exit the website to that filter that you used just one time. this is so wrong. the moment you go to another page, the filter must reset.

2. at least in signs, you see 2 columns of 5 values. if you have more, they are shown in a separate popup box. that box has no background and olso in ie8 is shown like 10-20 times wider than it should be (compared to firefox/chrome).


1. a fix to this major issue
2. how can we convert this system of 5x2 values + additional popup box for the rest of values into dropdowns, same way that we see them when we create the listing and use those fields? that is more elegant and problem free