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October 26, 2010, 04:12 PM

How do I add new listing type?

The Realty Software comes with the following sections:

(1) Property in
(2) Advertising
(3) Spares
(4) Services

I want to add a new section that function quite similar to add listing for property. Let's call this section "New Section." I have added this "New Section" through "Add section" located at admin panel > Listing Sections , and a new page is created at


But when I clicked on the link found in the menu header, I will get the following message in the newly created page:

Undefined Page

- ERROR 404: Requested page not found

What are the next step that I should do after creating a New Section?

I know that I need to create new listing fields for this New Section just like the Add Listing for Property. But some listing fields such as Street Name, Zip code, etc are already created for Property In section. Do I need to create a new listing field (e.g. Street Name, Zip code, House No., etc already created for Property In section) and new Data format for this New Section or can they be shared with the fields and data formats created earlier for Property In section?

In the Account Area the following links are found:

Add Listing
My Listings
My Ads
My Messages
My Profile
Saved Search
Log out

How can I get the Add Listing for the New Section to be added to the Account Area?

Thank you for your help.

February 5, 2011, 10:18 AM
Hello Daniel,
Sorry for so late reply, but let me answer you anyway.

Flynax 3.2 version has 4 types/sections of listings by default, you can't add more types in admin panel in this version, we are working on new software version now, it is Flynax 4.0 and this version will have probabilities to add more listing types/sections in Admin Panel.