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Murat Altun
October 15, 2010, 12:17 PM
Hello together,

I have a new problem and hope you have a idea how we can fix the bug. Look please at the attached screenshot.

I generate a coupon for a 20 announces-plan. After this I use the coupon to add my own announces. By this way I store my first 20 announces. After this I do it again > Create a coupon-code for 20 new announces. But the result is not correct, you can see what Flynax do with my 2. and 3. coupon-code.

That’s a problem when a customer get 2 coupons and both are shown with incorrect number of announces. It comes to a never ending story...

Best regards and thanks for your help,

Thomas Moos

PS. I post this bug 4 times to the support without any answer, that's not positive.

October 26, 2010, 04:53 AM
Hello Thomas,
Sorry for delay with my reply.
I have tried to reproduce you problem but no luck.
Could you explain the following things:
1. Which discount your coupon code provides? 100% maybe?
2. Is your Listing Package free or paid?

It would be great if you can contact me through online chat or skype, we will be able to solve this problem and share solution in this thread.

Looking forward to your reply.

Murat Altun
November 5, 2010, 11:37 AM
Hello John,

>Sorry for delay with my reply.
Better late, than never but it is not OK from your support don't answer my questions since over 2 months. I have a active support-plan and pay for this service. Now my support-plan expired that's not nice.

OK, back to my problem and your questions.

>1. Which discount your coupon code provides? 100% maybe?
Yes you're right

>2. Is your Listing Package free or paid?
I allways offer paid Listings for customers

Hope you can help, because I really need the script and want a second, but this problems must be fixed.

Best regards,


PS. I can send you also the login-information, so you can test the problem directly.

November 16, 2010, 02:24 PM
Hello Thomas,
The reason of this problem is "Coupons" plugin, we are going to re-made this plugin
taking into account our customers wishes, but now I have to post fix for current plugin version.

The first way to fix the problem is re-download and re-install the plugin, but in this case your coupons will be removed.
The second way is edit system hook which stored in the database, here the instruction:
1. go to your Admin Panel >> Database manager
2. copy the following sql query and post it to "SQL query" field.

UPDATE `{prefix}hooks` SET `Code` = 'global $reefless, $plan_info, $rlDb; $reefless -> loadClass(''Notice''); $discount = $GLOBALS[''rlDb''] -> fetch(array(''Discount'', ''Type''), array(''Code'' => $_POST[''coupone_code''], ''Status'' => ''active''), "AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`Date_from`) < UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW()) AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`Date_to`) > UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW())", 1, ''coupon_code'', ''row''); if( $discount[''Discount''] == 100 && $discount[''Type''] == ''persent'' ) { $plan_info[''Price''] = 0; } else { $_SESSION[''coupon_code''] = $_POST[''coupone_code'']; }' WHERE `Plugin` = 'coupon' AND `Name` = 'addListingDataChecking' LIMIT 1
3. Click on "Go" button
4. System should run this query and update hook, you should get the following message as confirmation: Query was successfully ran, 1 rows effected.
5. Needs to run one more sql query to remove wrong entries made by plugin, copy the following sql query and make the same steps as you did with previous sql query:

DELETE FROM `{prefix}listing_packages` WHERE `IP` = '' AND UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`Date`) = 0
6. in result you have to get the same green notice, but effected rows can be more then 1.

Problem fixed, test add listing process again.
I am looking for feedbacks.


Murat Altun
November 24, 2010, 06:57 PM
Hello John,

thanks for your feedback and help. I fix the php-code and the script looks
good at this moment...

Best regards and thanks,