View Full Version : PayPal Subscription

Jonathan Miller
August 9, 2013, 04:43 PM
Flynax doesn't seem to understand this as a "bug", but in reality it really is. After talking to developers and reviewing other forum concerns, I've found that the PayPal subscription is based off the "listings live for" instead of the "plan live for". If this is the case why does www.FLYNAX.com advertise this below?


The way my subscription works (pretty much ALL subscriptions work), you pay a fee based on a time frame and you get that service for that time frame.

Example - Newspaper. I pay $10 a month and get 30 magazines a month. If I don't pay next months subscription I don't get 1 paper.

Example 2 - My website. User buys a subscription based on a month to month time frame. They can post as many ads as they want in that month. When that month is over they simply cannot post an ad. If they posted an ad the day before their subscription ends the listing still displays for the time set "listing live for".

Is this logic wrong? How does this NOT make sense? That's how the flynax website advertises it....