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Steffen Buschkemper
July 22, 2013, 06:36 AM
Hello guys,

I was a time in hospital (had an accident)
Now i am back.

But what should i see. :confused:
Many tips and instructions from me have simply disappeared.
It took me a lot of time and effort.
I have much to contribute in this forum to help users.

I am sad and speechless. :(

What is going on here?
I would like a reply for that.

Please do not come to me with a database crash or something.

Best regards

July 23, 2013, 04:03 AM
Hello Steffen,

I'm sorry to hear that, hope you are good after accident

Please provide us with some references to what you lost. Just checked links in your signature they all seems work good.

I don't know anything about crash or something.. maybe just some kind of forum trick, don't know also.

Steffen Buschkemper
July 24, 2013, 02:20 AM
Hello Mike,

i lost something. Why let you all the threads disappear or hide into the nirvana?
All what i can see in some sections is.

There have been no posts in the last 1 days in this forum. Try using the controls below to search for any older posts that may exist.

or i see only 1, 2 or 3 threads in the sections.
Where have all the threads gone?
Yes I know they are not gone, everyone have to use the search function.
But this is not user friendly.

The first i must read for a long time was a dissatisfied customer.. OMG
That some customers are angry here is absolutely understandable.

You should sometimes discuss and answer the bug threads or user questions.
I have the feeling that uncomfortable or problematic threads will simply ignored.
Responds to your customers and do not let them lie to the left.

This is a support forum here... or not? ;)

July 24, 2013, 04:12 AM
Dear Steffen,

Thank you for your reply.
We made to display all threads.

Steffen Buschkemper
July 24, 2013, 04:15 AM
Thank you.
So it already looks better and also helps the users here.