View Full Version : Bad Words plugin

July 12, 2013, 03:16 PM
I'm not sure if this would be a "plugin" or part of the core program.

A Bad Words filter (or plugin) includes a list of bad words (ie. swear words, etc) that the software administrator manages and whenever one of those bad words is used in a listing, the plugin will replace the bad word with a string of asterisks (or some other unique character).

Example: the Administrator deems the word "bitch" to be a bad word and adds it to the list in the plugin. Now, whenever a user enters "bitch" in a listing, the system will automatically replace "bitch" with "*****".

One of Flynax's competitors has it where for every word you enter, you can determine what the word is replaced with AND if the word you enter is an entire word. This method is probably most effective.

You do need a switch to determine if it's an entire word or not. This way, if you mark "ass" as an "entire" word, then only when "ass" is used by itself will it be replaced with whatever characters you determine. But, if "ass" is part of a word, then the characters won't be replaced.

- Ron