View Full Version : Payment Packages

Kemoid Wilson
July 11, 2013, 05:31 PM
Can someone please help me customize the payment option. This is the best way I think the payment option would better suit my website.
1. The user can only select the payment package once-For instance if they select the silver package they cannot add another silver package to their account, once they select that silver package they are stock with it for the entire time they log into their account. Don't get me wrong they can add a next package lets say the bronze package or any other one but their should only be one silver package and one of each of the packages I add.

2. The listing live for time should be the same time as the package live for time. So any time a package is up every listing the user used that package for is suspended. The only way they can make these listings active again is if they purchase a new package or renew the current one.

3. When a package listing amount has been exceeded the only way a user can add a new listing is if they delete or make an old listing inactive.

I think this would be a good idea to make it so that as long as the user keeps paying for the package all the listing would be live and he wouldn't have to worry about renewing the expired listing all the time and when the package has exceeded the listing amount he can just simply delete or make older ones inactive.

Let me give you a brief example. Company x purchase a package that allows him to add 50 listings to my website and the package is renewable every 30 days. So when he has an active package he would not have to worry about going through his account and making inactive listings active and making multiple payments. All he has to do is ensure that is package is active and all the listings associated with that package will be live and when he runs out of room just make a listing inactive or delete it. So this would be more like a monthly subscription.

Please help