View Full Version : metric to imperial conversion

Tonci Ercegovic
March 21, 2013, 01:57 PM

I would like to give just an idea for future. Some countries of the world use the metric system and others imperial system. It is very dificult to understand the dimensions in another system when you are searching something You must thing every time how much is it and use online converters. It would be nice that we have a special listing field and a plugin that can convert that values.
There can be a little box in which users can set the system they want to display. And it will be more better if users can choose the system and than also search by same.

That mean, there can be always a basic value to add listings, meters in my case, and if I add a listing with surface= 60 sqm, the system will know it is= 645.83 square feet

Whichever system is chosen in box, all values in all listings on the site will display that values and users will able to make search only by that value.
If an user choose metric, all values will displays as metric and search will be made in meters. When user set imperial, all values will display as imperial and search will be made by feet.
That could be made somehow for all used values like:

meter = feet
kilometer = mile
square meter = square feet
kilogram = pound

Come on people, if you think it is also a good idea, add a comment and maybe Flynax will create that in future for us. Give ideas how to do this if you know more about developing.