View Full Version : Connecting Banners Module with listings / how ?

Pete Young
February 24, 2013, 11:51 AM
My mind wants to do this but I am unsure of the best way to create the outcome, if you have ideas or can help, it would be appreciated.

In my minds eye I want to created a field this would be image field and lets say it is a 728 * 90 ( for leader board banners ) this would be only on the listing form but not shown public.

now over in banners I want to set up a banner that would in effect be a category based banner lets call it auto and it would be at the top of auto or bottom if preferred.

lets say some one makes a auto listing they then get to add a 728 banner as part of the listing / how do I get the code / banners from all of the auto listings to show in the auto banner I created / could I take some insite HTML and get it to work that way ?

the banner would also need to link back to the listing

/ to further complicate this I only want the banners to show if they are a paid / featured listing /

the idea is to encourage more people to take out a featured listing ?

if it needs to be a paid mod I am happy with that / just need an idea on how to create this / I would also take the same idea and crete a 234 size banner for the side panel.