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  1. Help with footer
  2. Size of description box
  3. Quick Search form
  4. Show Only On Home Page
  5. assign a picture to categories
  6. Move Price Field
  7. pagination for listing box
  8. Template modification
  9. How to add search by State?
  10. Edit steps of Registration Listing
  11. How to add a facebook button "I Like" and link it with my facebook/page?
  12. How to add next year?
  13. Listing Type Boxes
  14. How to add multiple banners?
  15. is it possible to add a video only in the search?
  16. Owner`s page
  17. How to add slide show on Home Page to replace green car on modern auto template?
  18. Directlink button for only compani dealers.
  19. Why dont this button work ?
  20. how to show latest listins in homepage
  21. [Ask]add recent list to the homepage
  22. where to buy template suit for flynax?
  23. Small guide for color change on mouseover in Real Estate Map
  24. Automatically scaled background image
  25. Featured Listing that goes on 1st position every (X) hours/days in the Category.
  26. Moving the "add to the comparison table" next to the listing title
  27. How can I retreat the box "Categories" of a page?
  28. "Registration" button for guests at contact owner / seller info tab
  29. 1 same full background image for all pages
  30. Field Groups as tabs?
  31. How can I display the logotipo in the place of the seller
  32. All listings on a Google map, for realty homepage
  33. Search form on the home page
  34. Any recommended online chat ?
  35. Flynax branding removal
  36. Fields just for companies or/and members
  37. Facebook thumbnail tip!
  38. Some SEO questions.
  39. Simple green theme - Long block above content.
  40. Display parent category along with the sub-category in the 'category' field
  41. SEO Tip: Dealers meta description
  42. Home page searching
  43. Where to remove Teaser & Quick search shadow?
  44. Contact Us (Related to)
  45. Latest Items from individual categories- home page
  46. Seller Info
  47. Add new listing: If not logged in get redirected to registration page or....
  48. edit font size simple blue category / where to find ?
  49. Add more "Box places" - Top left, right, bottom left, right
  50. Use Email address as User Name
  51. Share Ad on Facebook
  52. smarty code for sub category links
  53. edit geo filter header text size and bold
  54. Ajax Live Search City Field
  55. Change the style of select category
  56. How to specify the space between the categories lines
  57. What's up with you guys!
  58. sitelinks do not appear
  59. Description in sharing on Facebook
  60. Show only a category
  61. How to change the Title Tag on lisiting
  62. Instructions for change listing price in European currency format (decimal = comma)
  63. Here the manual to integrate a slider in the header on the main page
  64. HowTo compressed html code for better page speed
  65. Newsletter in the footer
  66. Bad Word Filter - Plugin (Beta)
  67. Modified rating plugin with Google microdata
  68. Need Smart for (Listings by vendors & Listings by Individuals)
  69. Seperate Recently Added Block
  70. Add listing - redirec to listing details instaed of 'done' page
  71. Search Page | Move content boxes inside 'tab area'
  72. Category Filters | Change to horizontal dropdown boxes
  73. ccAvenue Payment Plugin v1.0.0
  74. Guide to storing the user IP address.
  75. A few questions about template customization
  76. add listing menu
  77. How do i modify categories dropdown display?
  78. How to modify subcat display
  79. facebook icons in account type
  80. Custom add form
  81. Brands slider
  82. Load different TPL files if option selected
  83. giroPay Payment Plugin v1.0.0
  84. General Modern Customize Home Page and Glitches
  85. Large photo problem
  86. Large photo problem 2
  87. Delete decimal
  88. browse by make
  89. A suggestion for the checkout page
  90. General Modern Theme Customization - Quick questions
  91. .CSS HELP - Need help with them change
  92. 2 letters short path for multi field plugin
  93. Hide seller tab if not a dealer
  94. Numeric field without comma
  95. sort dealers by alphabetical order
  96. Creating a default listing field
  97. The search on index are broke
  98. Listing Field phone number length
  99. Theme customization
  100. Search stopped working??
  101. Need to Add square banner
  102. Footer URL
  103. Change teaser img type
  104. disable sidebar
  105. Categories Display
  106. How to adjust the teaser div on general modern homepage
  107. Content Box modification
  108. Modification to the frontend search engine
  109. Comment plugin question
  110. Phone number location and format
  111. Add another sort-by field into a listings box
  112. Adding Custom payment Gateway
  113. Question about customization
  114. How to make modal login box fixed unmoved ?
  115. How can I delete the banner in the header ?
  116. General Flatty - Detailed Ad image size
  117. Ad description field
  118. How to change an icon button to a text button
  119. Listing field strikethrough
  120. How to make quick search box longer in modern template?
  121. How to change font for general modern? Similar to Realty flatty?
  122. How to add recently added listing in grid format
  123. How to show futured listing in home page?
  124. How to place a content box to the top?
  125. How cai I show city instead of Country?
  126. Show Profiles in First Caterory?
  127. command for receiving data from data entries
  128. How to extend the length of listing field?
  129. Hi, i need design and customise with flynax auto flatty.
  130. Dealers Logo on Lisitng in Recently added
  131. How do i change content on the HOME page ??
  132. 3 questions, search, category, ads
  133. Categories List
  134. how to add Make Model to Auto detail view page
  135. How con I display the mobile app in the header
  136. search forms in homepage of General Flatty Theme
  137. Number of listings per account
  138. Changing contact owner form from being a popup in dealer page
  139. Customization for Auto Flatty
  140. Hide phone number?
  141. Copy the user nav bar in mobile view of general flatty to boats flatty.
  142. Fix the your location content box
  143. Add long top box side position in boat template?
  144. Masonry and responsive design
  145. Listing plan modification
  146. How to change the "Price" input fields to a dropdown menu with a fixed pricing range?
  147. Add commas to the price input field
  148. Currency converter should not convert the price in the results page.
  149. Search box from General Wide template
  150. Dividor in Category
  151. Keyword search - hide advanced
  152. Reorganise view in auto-services
  153. Add contact details on the ad page
  154. Main page Demo gallery
  155. Strange empty box
  156. Follow us on Google
  157. How to add a price with pricing only
  158. Phone no field Delete/remove Area code
  159. 4 columns instead of three columns
  160. Recently added dealers box
  161. Insert Record.
  162. Turkey Location Database Problem
  163. General Wide Front Page Search Modification
  164. How to change the comma in category?
  165. Create custom plugin for admin side?
  166. How to change the price fields for the country selection?
  167. How I can put the first tab Used?
  168. Swipe function for carousel listings on mobile for general wide
  169. how to chage location of titel and pirce
  170. How to add "verified listing"
  171. Featured Listings Content Box Banner Content
  172. home page map geolocation NEW style
  173. How to remove this section ( Titel: )
  174. Reduce the number of "New Members" on the front page
  175. icons footer disappeared !
  176. creating field for street
  177. We demand an official technical support to hide the phone number !
  178. how to change Style of button ( Add a Listing )
  179. problem to display the mobile template menu !!
  180. problem to display the main menu :(
  181. How to hide "Seller Accounts" tab
  182. group field adding like common box
  183. How to get rid of AddThis block?
  184. When i log in Error
  185. problem the main menu in the mobile version is hidden
  186. We have Code Reference?
  187. Change Template Name
  188. how to change the label that is created with features profile
  189. three columns instead of tow
  190. [Auto Classified] Create page/content box to display new vehicles in specific make
  191. How to make general wide midde left, middle right show on top in mobile view?
  192. add listing button to mobile header
  193. Request: Horizontal search with dropdown country, city, category for General Flatty
  194. Moving "search on map" to a tab in advanced search
  195. escort flatty profile adjustments
  196. Escort Flatty profile "Available" settings time blocked
  197. Chat with Seller plugin
  198. I can move up logo on the model mobille
  200. How to hide email in the page of dealer ?
  201. Order New Template
  202. real estate new construction or apartment
  203. real state additional information block display html
  204. replace the imeg in general modrren whith a banner
  205. I'm looking for a developer
  206. Change search box in homepage - Realty Wide
  207. How to put the seller's account log
  208. I'm still looking for a developer
  209. Search Form "With Video Only"
  210. how to chang the color of general modern
  211. home page quick search fields
  212. Arrange checkbox on one column
  213. Facebook Connect Button
  214. Help with improving general_wide template
  215. Replace Price Input Boxes With Price Slider in Search
  216. Copy Search from Main Page Auto_Wide to General_Wide
  217. i cant add HTML banner
  218. problem to use google adsense
  219. How to add the Contact Seller Dialogue Box to a Banner Link?
  220. Escort Wide Change user menu
  221. Escort Wide button to checkout
  222. How to editing the main menu templat General Wilde
  223. How to add "next listing" and "previous listing"
  224. Main Menu and home search sections Merge
  225. Facebook and Twitter links
  226. How to make HTML Box in the left of website ?!
  227. change listing imagen size
  228. large images is not necessarily !!!!
  229. home search in heavywide
  230. Escort Wide - remove unspoken languages
  231. Craiglist template bugs and fixes
  232. custom css file / custom js file
  233. How to limit Address suggestions
  234. interactive homepage search form
  235. Ad Listing Button
  236. Heading (H1) Home
  237. boat classified
  238. the filter of the subcategories filter is blocked
  239. Moving things around in (General Wide Template)
  240. how to activate the button only when if I chose the last sub category
  241. Placing Homepage Search (General Wide) into main-menu div...
  242. Remove epand button from categories
  243. How to display all the menu buttons of main menu !
  244. Slideshow limited to the boat category
  245. Phone number not correct.
  246. Rate my Website
  247. Add Custom Search Form
  248. Make > Model > Year > Version
  249. how to remove the search form on realty wide and integrate another one
  250. Review my flynax website