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  1. "Account type"
  2. New Install and Have Some Questions
  3. Block witf featured spares (Auto)
  4. phpMyAdmin Recommended Settings for Database Backup
  5. All Categories Missing After Deleting One SubCategory
  6. Services Categories Not Displaying Correctly
  7. Featured Watermark Font & Featured Listings Not Showing
  8. New Account says Active Before Email Verification
  9. Payment Link in Email
  10. Change Password Failing - No longer can log on
  11. Categories not in Order in Search Dropdown
  12. Google Map not displaying in other places
  13. Logo not show in short search form
  14. wgo remove categories block from home ?
  15. 'Rent time frame' missing at Add Listing Page
  16. Ad Listings Gaps
  17. Upload Pic Failure for Listings
  18. Advertisement Link Erroring
  19. Delete > Homepage::
  20. Add new listing groups?
  21. Maintenance Mode or workaround ?
  22. Flynax itself eating more and more bandwidth
  23. Booking System Error
  24. Listing plans
  25. Copy sections and fields from one category to the next?
  26. Annonce attributes.... what tell me the number?
  27. Metatags, Menus, Database, Plans
  28. Add google-analytics-code > what's the right place
  29. How to display a new field
  30. Headline as URL
  31. admin log on fail
  32. Top Banner on Header - real estate
  33. Youtube plugin does not show video
  34. Rent time frame and the booking system
  35. Main Issue. Which is the most essenitial not found in Flynax
  36. Adding an announce = Unknown column 'lf_latitude' in 'field
  37. Suport PHP 5.3.5 ?
  38. How can I remove ".../browse/..." from URLs?
  39. RSS
  40. Forgot admin password
  41. Apply Category Build to ALL Categories?
  42. Changing Template
  43. Navigation Breadcrumb Problem
  44. Watermark on thumbnails images !
  45. SPAM Fake Accounts
  46. Currency converter flags
  47. Categories not in Order in Search Dropdown
  48. Sending Message to Seller while Logged Out
  49. How user can terminate account / selling something for free
  50. search by bodystle
  51. price in short form in Auto Template
  52. Log In Issues at Homepage
  53. Photo upload
  54. Unknown column 'ip' in 'where clause'
  55. Logo upload
  56. Cronjob
  57. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  58. Categories and Listings for each City
  59. how to change site name?
  60. how do i change the order of categories on the home page
  61. google map plug-ins for 4.0
  62. Listings plans and professionnals clients
  63. Got a few questions
  64. Google Map tab
  65. Mobile Version
  66. Unsubscribe with Massmailer/Newsletter
  67. Errors During User Registration
  68. Content on new pages
  69. search by city in the plugin search by distance?
  70. Mobile
  71. How can i create new "Random Featured" blocks?
  72. How to create a new data entries like YEAR format
  73. Database / info / make model etc
  74. Paypal / Payment / Conversion
  75. Post your site ?
  76. Drop Down Menu instead of List Under step 1 of creating a listing.
  77. How to use facebookconnect?
  78. How to have banner ads?
  79. Flynax Experts?
  80. Car Registration number search
  81. Resolving a spamming issue caused by spambots
  82. Realty classifieds script - Agent standalone page
  83. Map issues
  84. How can we implement a new database table in flynax
  85. Is there any plugins for Page Minify/SEO
  86. Massmailer test email
  87. How about an alternative to google maps?
  88. What determine the Sorting Field at each listing - Grid_navbar?
  89. How to merge 2 listings with different key
  90. Shipping Calculator
  91. IE8 problem with facebook connect
  92. Store library and plugin remotely via CDN
  93. Disable purchase of Free packages
  94. Help to implement interkassa payment
  95. Help to implement Report posting? How to pass link variable?
  96. Location on map
  97. Add a Listing (States ) in Real Estate Classifieds
  98. password reset not sending email
  99. No progress Bar for IE9 - Atttachment upload
  100. listing comparison feature
  101. Robots.txt - SEO Tips
  102. Cant delete a category
  103. Step By Step how to add another Listing Categories on main page
  104. powered by has different url
  105. Need Help with these items
  106. Keyword Search does not have - Back to Search Result using IE9 & IE8
  107. Account Search criteria
  108. How to link categories into a search field
  109. Listing Type Boxes
  110. Message notification email - Change sender to administrator email address
  111. increase image size of featured
  112. How to fix the height of each listings box
  113. Statistics Display - Total listing?
  114. Problems Downloading plugins and templates
  115. changing Width of description field for adding list
  116. cant upload videos
  117. Watermark in the middle
  118. Keyword and Advanced Search Questions
  119. ** Keyword Search : ALL WORDs search does not work well **
  120. Sub Categories Not Showing in Dropdown List
  121. How to 301 redirect old URL to new URL using .htaccess file?
  122. Add-Photo page very slow to load.
  123. How to add Advanced Search box beside listing?
  124. Hide first and last name in dealers page
  125. Advanced search for three letter word like BMW?
  126. How to create a clear button using Jquery for refine search
  127. "Featured" missing from My Packages Page
  128. Wrong Email Link for New Listings
  129. header section in flynax
  130. How to make Smarty show recently added listings?
  131. .htaccess: How to show one html file?
  132. Default gridmode = list ?
  133. TextLink to refine Search box
  134. 4 columns in grid
  135. Detail listing page - disable hide
  136. add username in listing detail page
  137. rlSearch.class.php ... question for refine search
  138. Resize by height
  139. 4.10:Plugin FieldBound Boxes - How to add fields?
  140. Logo in HTML Email template
  141. Build a listing box
  142. 4.10: How to add a link to a field group?
  143. problem in url listing page
  144. Adding category in News
  145. Font Type - Default
  146. Problem in Condition
  147. Height of the box of each listing
  148. Facebook login should be auto login
  149. vBulletin Bridge Importing Times Out
  150. How to remove "Hide" for status Plugin
  151. Change the Variable {site_name} & Copyright Link
  152. Categories Smarty Code gone
  153. solved
  154. Sub-Categories Mandatory Selection!
  155. Registration of new accounts?
  156. Personal page same as username
  157. Setting up search fields
  158. Flynax Script Developer Documentation (connector)
  159. Have a forum on domain.com/forum ? How
  160. Apache rewrite URL for listing type
  161. Change location of fancybox-buttons
  162. Show text inside search box.
  163. 4.1.0 Phonenumber field dont show 0
  164. Country Selection. Place "Mexico" before Afghanistan etc...
  165. Username as search field for account page
  166. [Vbulletin] Make sidebar latests thread not show duplicates
  167. Code for hiding certain boxes for logged in users
  168. Featured price
  169. How to make index page with modules ?
  170. administrator account shouldn't be in agent list
  171. admin panel > Account Fields (doesn't show extra field)
  172. at Plan > upload image optional
  173. where to edit Property Type?
  174. Category re-create = headache
  175. ERROR Please assign either standard or featured status to your listing
  176. Front End not loading
  177. RSS Feeds Not Working
  178. Js and CSS are so slow! Asking help for G-ZIp Compression
  179. [how] City dropdown appear after selecting state
  180. Show rating stars
  181. Weather Plugin not working correctly
  182. Missing files in Error Log
  183. Goolge Map Pointers
  184. Agents page
  185. How to remove this phrase " The category is locked by the Administrator, please Click
  186. How to add an Html signature to the email template without modyfing one by one
  187. How to add an account field that is hidden
  188. How to disallow member to delete photo? - *URGENT*
  189. Flynax apache mod rewrite issue
  190. "Unable to reach Flynax Server" during Plugin install or Update throught Admin Panel
  191. problem with listing details
  192. Flynax General Classifieds Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
  193. Flynax Listing Title issue
  194. Listing Field - Time period
  195. Bath fields issues
  196. Listing title, language questions
  197. No option to view pending listings in limited admin account
  198. Plan Using Issue
  199. How do you use credits plugin?
  200. Placing Category-Filteror Search Filter Box in Search-Results Page
  201. Hidden account fields shown on print page
  202. Critical tickets ignored
  203. Search results
  204. Fetaured blocks for all categories?
  205. Database Questions
  206. Photo uploaded but don't show up, any idea ?
  207. Searching the function put ".html" behind the urls
  208. Hidden account type?
  209. Register all account details but show minimum
  210. Remove Zip code in "Search by distance" plugin
  211. Bank transfer payment gateway problem
  212. Newsletter plugin - double opt in?
  213. Changing columns number categories on homepage - Flynax
  214. Show / Hide: Currency field
  215. Browse by Body Style icons
  216. The plugin "Category Filter" displays with frequency the message "No listings found"
  217. City automatic selection
  218. Vary Accept Encoding & Static Resources
  219. How to show a block on a subpage of add-listing-process
  220. PHP 5.4 Support
  221. Featured box
  222. If "Rent" is selected "Rent Time Frame" dropdown... HOW??
  223. Accessing index.html on a subfolder
  224. PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded
  225. Linking a field to a category
  226. How to show regions of the states on the map
  227. Remove seller info tab
  228. Random featured box
  229. Watermarking of SOLD over PNG image
  230. Disable content box collapsing
  231. Problem with Linking to Mobile site
  232. No follow function / Google page rank..
  233. cronjob not updating the sidebar box
  234. Show Field as Column in Listing Manager
  235. How can i Create a Recently Added box similar to Featured Listings box?
  236. 404 Not Found from filter addon
  237. How can i move Quick Search on Clear Sky Template?
  238. Facebook Connect Issue
  239. Are there a way to integrating paypal into the site ?
  240. Question about the flynax to vbulletin
  241. TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image: /home/xxx/public_html/files/07-2012/ad
  242. Links in RSS and when linking to facebook
  243. Create listing without signing up - gives numbers at end of duplicated username
  244. How can i stop people using caps in the title ?
  245. posted_by Icon in Listing.tpl ?
  246. Are there a "delete" day for expired listings ?
  247. Flynax upload image when adding listing does not support Windows 8
  248. Work on a theme on the server
  249. Disable Language change in top website.
  250. Closed support tickets