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  3. Little fix for currency position in -> my_packages.tpl
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  11. Contact the Owner
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  14. Missing links when updating profil information
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  17. Duplicate content (listings) issue within Geo Filtering
  18. Data Entries Import plugin does not work correctly
  19. Wrong URL in Geo Filtering plugin if option {Any} is selected
  20. (BUG) Geo Filter plugin has reset the field {State level 1} under all listings
  21. Credits plugin return not friendly results to user end
  22. Incorrect Sum ($) in Credits plugin
  23. listings filters addon
  24. Remote Adverts plugin shows Invisible listing (bug)
  25. Pay-As-You-Go Credits plugin shows incorrect Required Amount (bug)
  26. (Listings on Map) plugin shows identification Icon on listings (bug)
  27. Create a New Account link is broken on login page
  28. Duplicate Listing URLs (SEO problem)
  29. SSL Protection plugin problem found at My Listings page
  30. User cannot delete Incomplete listing from My Account area
  31. Pay invoices with Pay As You Go Credits
  32. RTL Languages empty space and log in box bugs.
  33. Listings on map URL error
  34. Admin Panel interface does not support mobile devices such as iPhone
  35. Bug in Registration module
  36. loading pictures from admin panel does not work
  37. 4.10 - Banner plugin HTML doesn't work with javascript
  38. Category filter BUGS detected
  39. Banner plugin version 2.2.2 - HTML can not be selected
  40. Listing META Title does not work!
  41. Category Filter plugin count all Invisible listings
  42. Category Filter Bug
  43. Remote Ads plugin is incompatible with Category Filter plugin
  44. STOP HTML in filed register page!
  45. 4.1 Banner plug in latest rev: Doesn't record and display click when using flash
  46. subscribe to newsletter doesn't work
  47. Remote Adverts rev 2.0.2 - URL path misses out foreign characters
  48. Urgent! registration page is not working any more
  49. " Please fill out all required fields." in Add a Listing
  50. Remote ad 2.0.2 : table "multi_formats" does not exist
  51. Listing META Title
  52. Price shows up like this
  53. Booking plugin - rate range is not editable
  54. Print Listing show only country
  55. Cron Job deprecated
  56. MYSQL Error suddenly
  57. Plan Using >> Grant Plan can't assign plan to other account type group
  58. Flynax Geodecode/Zip-Webservice trouble
  59. Massmailer seems to stop sending
  60. Category block crashes when selecting no block style
  61. Escort-Templates: Fatal Bug in Yes/No-Fields (bool)
  62. Button name missing even in flynax demo also
  63. Banner update will make banners invisible
  64. Category filter plugin doesn't show any listings
  65. Coupon Plugin has a BUG!!
  66. Android app settings
  67. Admin buttons not showing up correctly.
  68. Realty Springs - No Login Options
  69. MYSQL ERROR when I click SAVE on Admin Panel Configurations
  70. You cant delete logo file.
  71. Payment gateway BUG....
  72. Bug when you swtich between grid and list in listings
  73. Users bug thread with or without solutions
  74. Bug in rlValid.class.php
  75. Renew Package doesn't Renew
  76. PayPal Subscription
  77. Inactive listing shows as active
  78. PDF Plugin Update not working
  79. Category Filter Plugin after update to 1.0.8 broken
  80. Loan Calculator 2.2.2 Plugin, new Print function broken
  81. publications counters don't work well
  82. CRITICAL FLAW: Renew upgrade feature doesn't work as it should
  83. Double domain in canonical