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  1. Change category option - admin zone
  2. Extra status options
  3. Not add new listing at locked categories
  4. Feature Request - add photo from admin
  5. Banned Words Security Feature
  6. Duplicate Ad Security Feature
  7. User IP Address Security Feature
  8. Get Driving Directions button added to Google Map
  9. Advanced Search In Find Agent (Real Estate Software)
  10. Suggest a Plans List Comparison Chart Feature
  11. Massmailer Additional Features
  12. Cleaner Code For Flynax Software Please
  13. Suggestion to add other categories like Services to homepage
  14. Ability to allow multiple videos
  15. Few Idea's of mine "Features Reuest"
  16. Google Map Plugin Displays on More Pages
  17. User login and registration
  18. Google maps property feed
  19. Important Features Request & Suggestions
  20. Checkbox display format
  21. More types
  22. Change Listing Plan from "My Listings"
  23. Listing status !
  24. edited listing to approval by default
  25. Display all featured listings in the random featured block!
  26. change listings status from admin panel !
  27. Make uploadify the default script to add photos !
  28. Renew listing fonction !
  29. Change Watermark position on uploading images!
  30. Direct link to renew a listing
  31. Sold status for listing without photos !
  32. ERROR when the payment type is not selected
  33. Mobile phone plug-in or feature.
  34. Disable featured status for sold listing !
  35. Report Broken Listing bug !
  36. Dealers Own Website
  37. no more tree catagories listing for add listing page 1st step
  38. Photo database
  39. Upgrade listing to
  40. Phone number as a Field Type for listing
  41. portrait mode images
  42. ip ban
  43. Special Text Font for Listing Fields
  44. Listing Plan additional Name field for Admin use only
  45. Report Listing for Spam and Violation
  46. Refine Search based on listing fields
  47. Storefront Add On
  48. Zip/Postal Code Add On
  49. How can i create a custom form with specific fields???
  50. Add balance ( money in )
  51. Collective administrative action - Mass delete, inactive, active
  52. Message - more features request
  53. Shopping Cart
  54. ARticles and news publication settings
  55. Auto Classfield search tree
  56. Translation parts per plugin
  57. Invoice small feature
  58. Record of modified files in new version of Flynax
  59. Add a payment plan for User Account registration
  60. Better search function
  61. Better Refine Search
  62. Search for a ad inside My linstings
  63. Make "main" image into carousel.
  64. Implement å ä ö from start
  65. Inactive listings shouldnt show at all
  66. Massmailer Reports and Statistc
  67. Other People has also viewed this
  68. Feature request which i feel is essential
  69. Power Deals Plugin: Please Join Hands and Get This Plugin Built
  70. Single Page Ad Submission Form
  71. Subscription listings broken down to monthly instead of lump yearly
  72. Petition for Feature Drop-Down Boxes on Insertion of New Ads
  73. Different Email for News Letter Subscribe
  74. Under construction for all except admin
  75. Expiration date
  76. Add Photos from the admin panel
  77. Named buttons at "my listings" page
  78. Thumnail Pictures in News
  79. Featured Newsletter
  80. Granting plan automaticaly to new users
  81. Language phrases above payment gateways at the checkout page
  82. Possibility to set a publication date on/off for a block or article
  83. Can Expired Listings be Marked as 'Sold' and not be Unhidden?
  84. how to change font,size and color menu bar ?
  85. why all contents show vertical ?
  86. Shopping Cart for listings
  87. error listings
  88. Special hidden listing plan
  89. Contact form at the bottom of listing detail page
  90. Session timeout / auto logoff
  91. Counter for contact owner messages
  92. Ability to turn of upload video (local)
  93. If the images are smaller than the settings then leave it alone
  94. Ability to reorder categories structure
  95. Would be awsome - listing plan end date or make companys decide them self
  96. Personal area / login page
  97. Add Unlimited Period for Pay-as-you-go Credits (plugin)
  98. Adding functions to Listing box
  99. User Unsubscribe option, from email notifications
  100. NO-FOLLOW Meta Tag VS. rel=no-follow attribute (SEO)
  101. Listing approval by admin based on selected plan
  102. Add a Listing on One Page
  103. Thanks Button
  104. Why dont flynax have a closed forum ?
  105. Rebuild Images and Thumbs
  106. Great Idea
  107. Search form field - need to duplicate and transform from dropdown to checkbox type
  108. Upgrade the news with categories to create news/blog system
  109. New mail field for listings
  110. Upgrade listing request
  111. More Categories in Auto Classifields
  112. More Picture dimensions needed!!!
  113. purge old users
  114. Pinterest - pin it
  115. Price Cut function and alert email plus more
  116. Bad word filter
  117. Add Custom Listing URL Field
  118. Add new listing form and selectable Account types at instant add listing
  119. Enable / disable Field names
  120. Syntaxhighlighter / code for the ckeditor
  121. Google Microdata Support
  122. Featured gallery of new template "Auto Main Blue"
  123. Contact Us Form
  124. Integration with MailChimp
  125. metric to imperial conversion
  126. how can turn off the upload video local image
  127. 4.2 Request - Header loading reduced
  128. Advanced Search. You should have an account in order to log in and use this option.
  129. Feature Request for 4.2
  130. Fields for translations/interpreting
  131. Delete this account
  132. Storing IP address for registration, listing creation and comments-plugin
  133. Renew / Upgrade Listing Plan ?
  134. Displaying Seller Info optional on listing.
  135. News categories
  136. Open Street Maps
  137. Feature for Flynax 4.2 - Where is the PENDING Status??
  138. Identifying Users via OpenID Authentication
  139. Wordpress Widget
  140. Session timeout / auto logoff
  141. Block Filter
  142. Free package
  143. quick search tab
  144. Payment Packages
  145. Expire listings when Listing Package expires
  146. How about a WORKING FORUM?
  147. Facebook registration feature?
  148. Personal Page Title
  149. Admin can modify the posted listings category
  150. setting to auto activate or not for each category
  151. Video Light Box
  152. Interdoctery Video
  153. Upload image as progressive JPEG
  154. QR Code on the Listing Details Page, do we need it?
  155. Use Account Address
  156. Copy and Paste
  157. Post Requirement Plugin
  158. New module for automap
  159. Add customer area to post requests for Property classifieds
  160. Stripe payment gateway
  161. Listing Start and Expiry Dates
  162. Dealers Page SEO
  163. NO SEO Urls !
  164. Version 5 feature requests.
  165. Default Message in contact dealer form
  166. User Activity in Admin Panel
  167. Additional Phone Field
  168. Live Chat
  169. SEO- HTML Sitemap Plugin for Flynax 5
  170. Extension-less URLs
  171. Flynax Auto: Account Type For Campany
  172. Affiliate Plugin
  173. Chat box feature for registered members
  174. Auto red template
  175. Email template test feature
  176. Recently Viewed
  177. Listing renew and upgrade process from user panel
  178. Show popular car makes on Home
  179. Qtip
  180. Coupon / discount
  181. Category Filter plugin and advanced search
  182. Profil Picture
  183. Cache plugin
  184. Data Entries Filter
  185. Admin logging in on front end as user to troubleshoot
  186. Coupon Code plugin requests
  187. SSL Protection - Plugin (big change on Google)
  188. Auto Reg Prevent Plugin > Request
  189. Vendors can not add shipping costs to publish an ad
  190. Result Filters needed for general
  191. search by categories in app flydroid
  192. Critical mobile usability errors (Google)
  193. Energie class from hause
  194. Add votes a users
  195. Seller Feedback Module
  196. Petition for feature payment via Allopass (www.allopass.com) very popular in europe
  197. Responsive template for Admin panel
  198. Feature Shopping Cart & Bidding
  199. New field to shipping cost
  200. Offers for the items
  201. External Link Page for different languages.
  202. IOS and Android smart apps
  203. Vehicle VRN Lookup - Use Registration/Licence Plate to find details.
  204. Make an Account Featured
  205. saily.co an idea of arabian teen to change the face of classified ads websites
  206. improvements
  207. The plugin category filter is very limited
  208. Function to chat in the app of iPhone and Android
  209. Popular Brands
  210. Dealers Module
  211. User / Deraler Dashboard
  212. Featured Listings Vith Videos
  213. short link generator
  214. User Extandable Conditional Fields
  215. Social media icons for account information area (Auto Wide template)
  216. Features Requests
  217. Facebook Profile Page Style Dealer Page
  218. Help
  219. pdf file
  220. Install Plugins - language
  221. Real Estate templates - show location in navigation bar
  222. FaceBook Instant Articles Plugin
  223. why not seeing my sub categorie in add profile page ?
  224. S3 Amazon Storage
  225. what is the problem? web site does not open!
  226. Dropdown menus for main navbar
  227. For a more efficient Flynax website
  228. Long term support version
  229. Warning! Dump photos directly from your iphone to your Classified
  230. Video upload directly to YouTube channel?
  231. Request: Improve of customer service
  232. Android/iOS Apps controlling Image display settings
  233. Show Listing Plan and Price on Checkout page
  234. Add Account Type to New Account Created email
  235. Make "Publish My Email" optional
  236. SMS Account Activation integration with Twilio
  237. Custom permalinks structure like wordpress
  238. How to make a special ads field?
  239. panoramic picture
  240. Disable local video option in admin
  241. PLUGIN - Monetizer
  242. Posting an ad in One page
  243. Remove locked Category message
  244. Suggestion
  245. Billing on a booking
  246. Single Sign up & Single Post
  247. Content Box Option - Mobile / Desktop
  248. Company Name Field Priority
  249. Price change email for saved searches
  250. Escort