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  1. Coupon plugin - need suggestions.
  2. Introduce yourself and show your site!
  3. Hex Colors
  4. Questions About Car Make & Models
  5. adding regions and cities under countries
  6. Category Types
  7. Plugin downloads
  8. Upgrading to featured
  9. Currency Converter NaN.00
  10. Downloading latest version.
  11. Flynax and pay with sms
  12. SEO for listing
  13. Upgrading to 4
  14. Categories by State
  15. White screen
  16. Admin Editing
  17. Is this a 'bug'?
  18. Personal Address help please....
  19. Email templates
  20. Round Corner and Shadow will not work for IE browser 7, 8
  21. CSS help, I think
  22. Price Plans
  23. Add a listing.....
  24. Emailing Members
  25. Sub Categories
  26. Flynax with Wordpress?
  27. Facebook Connect Login problem?
  28. Upgrade to featured question
  29. Tabs on frontpage searchbox
  30. No activation email
  31. cdn implementation
  32. Realty classifieds - user confusion when posting with a purchased plan
  33. Sub categories to show
  34. Reference Number Plugin
  35. Modifications to 4.01
  36. rotating featured ads
  37. INCOMPLETE Auto sign up prevention
  38. New tab in search form based on condition
  39. Version 4.1 - Which files will be updated and will it effect what?
  40. Hw do I insert a frameset to a page?
  41. Request about the search function
  42. No Favicon on the Front End but still in the Admin area?
  43. Listing detail images doesn't show
  44. Show all ads in a category?
  45. So, the iFlynax Connect app just doesn't work, right?
  46. How to relate a listing to more than one category?
  47. Php 5.4 support needed urgently
  48. Help - Quick Search not functioning
  49. How to change Advanced Search?
  50. Showcase of your site
  51. delete default service at once
  52. bank wire transfer plugin
  53. subscribed but why need to see the plan again?
  54. World Locations Database
  55. Pause or disable a Listing.
  56. how to change font size of price ?
  57. what program for edit style.css file ?
  58. Users Online
  59. Admin page "Phishing" HELP!!
  60. How does the tag plugin work ?
  61. Quick Search no longer on homepage!! What to do?
  62. Search by distance "how to add new zip codes for missing countires???? "
  63. Anyone else that cant login to the flynax ticket support ?
  64. Increase characters number for categories titles
  65. Adding iphone/ipad icon
  66. Does your site get index fast ?
  67. site updates and repairs through the ticket system only
  68. Urgently - ERRO 404: The page requested was not found
  69. Flynax General Classified contains a flaw that allows a remote cross-site scripting
  70. support
  71. category filter - feilds list
  72. separate hooks for css and js
  73. How to make Agreement Field in Html?
  74. What are the new feature in 4.2 that you are working on ?
  75. Flynax Banner Swop Program
  76. Android app
  77. Agreement Field with URL
  78. Build submit form once for a listyng type
  79. Title of General Category
  80. Facebook conect blank page issue
  81. I really hate Sundays...
  82. I phone logo dont change
  83. Problem with loan/mortgage
  84. Connecting Banners Module with listings / how ?
  85. Flynax Support Ticket
  86. Align text in QTIP
  87. Problem with us name of user
  88. Flynax Escort
  89. How to increase fields width in Advanced Search?
  90. Add listing without signup
  91. Increase the height of the Listing Plan Description in Frontend
  92. Epired and reactivated listings don't show?
  93. Header Logo in different Languages
  94. limit the number of free ads at any one time ?
  95. How to add a listing field with Price like field type
  96. Can i choose the listing type where to appear the Loan/Mortgage module?
  97. Alphabetical
  98. Problem with spammer
  99. Here is something wrong or how can we make it better
  100. Homepage image slider
  101. Extend someones listing package - Warning
  102. Plugin forum
  103. stop spam ?
  104. Mobile Options
  105. Problems with admin login
  106. move Google street view after Map
  107. how increase the number of fields of search
  108. Issue with search terms and Pending Ads
  109. Problems with the Pending Ads lists
  110. Problems with the Pending Ads lists
  111. Limit who is listed on the sellers account page
  112. Limit who is listed on the sellers account page
  113. Data entries import no longer working
  114. What makes your classified site better than the next?
  115. phone number issue - US numbers
  116. Can Not add account fields!
  117. Statistics Box
  118. Forms and Tabs
  119. How to properly set up a Listing Package?
  120. Reference Number plugin
  121. Flynax support - need your help
  122. Registration Profile page questions
  123. how do I.....
  124. What happened to this forum?
  125. Isn't this interesting
  126. What is going on here?
  127. Keeping expired listings in Google Index
  128. Google Maps v2 to v3
  129. Charge for plans using different currencies
  130. Search - Include Lisitngs,Agents,Services
  131. AdSense code
  132. What happen to flynax team? No response for support tickets?
  133. PayPal Subscription Plugin Fix
  134. Renew Package doesn't Renew
  135. Flynax where you are?
  136. Weather box
  137. Account types - HELP! help!
  138. Testimonials plugin problem
  139. payment gateway for (India to India) Payments
  140. ARe you really able to resolve problems and make my Flynax V4.1 system working good ?
  141. Set An Owner field in New Listing?
  142. Why Personal Address link is required?
  143. Which Hosting support flynax Please Help
  144. Banner uploading Problem
  145. Flynax support & marketing : sharing mods?
  146. Is Flynax software Pay per year or what?
  147. Defer parsing of JavaScript - Improve Homepage loading speed
  148. Ignoring Posts
  149. Unable to upload Banner on website
  150. Account types
  151. Original images files to be deleted automaticly after resize from ftp space
  152. inventory menu
  153. Location on map/ Account adress issues
  154. A lot of errors again
  155. Auto complete
  156. iFlynax error when accessing category
  157. Div tags?
  158. adult escorts directory using Flynax and CCBILL plugin ? any one have this issue ??
  159. Add a listing without signing up
  160. Online Statistic
  161. User forgot password, how to reset his tries ?
  162. email template
  163. Email Template {username}
  164. Best classified script is flynax
  165. I am soo pissed at flynax support right now :mad::mad::mad:
  166. Auto main featured box
  167. How to create form page? Like contact form page
  168. Lenght of description
  169. How often do support watch the tickets ?
  170. Why did the flynax team not changed the demo pages to version 4.2?
  171. Show "posted_by" value (Dealer or Buyer) to the seller details
  172. Saved searches
  173. Bootstrap Theme for Flynax...
  174. Flynax 5 how it will be?
  175. PagSeguro
  176. How to add "Long Bottom" Block Like "Long Top"
  177. Iphone private labelled solution
  178. Problem with alphabetical order of the data entries.
  179. Listing field relations
  180. Logo Upload
  181. Hide decimals
  182. Logo Cannot display
  183. Split fields in two like make/model
  184. What SEO options exist with Flynax
  185. Can you live without flynax support?
  186. Responsive Template and Bootstrap
  187. Listing Gallery
  188. There is no template updates for General Classifieds? and why? if yes when?
  189. Not all car makers in auto script
  190. The biggest mistake of the Flynax Team
  191. Professional support team (?1?)
  192. Live chat need for technical support..Ticket system will not work
  193. Problem.... Listing Categories.... :|
  194. Search from "A" site and find results of the "B" site
  195. Language string failed to load
  196. Count Listing Visits
  197. Paid support is very disappointed
  198. Currency converter issues
  199. Stupid Question
  200. When to use categories vs. listing types?
  201. Conditional fields
  202. Reference Number plugin Indexes
  203. Recently Viewed Listings
  204. Add Source Code for Register "Date of Creation" to Login Code
  205. SQL query guidelines
  206. additional dimensions only for a particular listing type
  207. ADD sidebar
  208. Save to PDF
  209. How do we get the auto complete to work?
  210. Licence for sale
  211. Phone number
  212. Escort Price field
  213. Custom title in the listing detail page
  214. Loan/Morgage plugins modification opinion
  215. The requested URL was not found on this server.
  216. Page Speed
  217. User Type Advice
  218. How to display a block once in category page and not listing page??
  219. Sudden Errors with "rlNavigator.class.php" being corrupted
  220. Automate Admin Panel Refresh Tasks to happen daily ..?
  221. Google Adsense for 2 flynax site?
  222. SEO URL Rewrite cyrillic language
  223. Create mixed price Listing field
  224. Alphabetic letter in top home page
  225. List of websites made by flynax software
  226. Display price format
  227. Search result based on keyword
  228. Add bikes in the homepage banner
  229. autoflatty mobile view not working in localhost
  230. Looking for Flynax experienced programmer
  231. Can I change thumbnails?
  232. Polish, czech and / or russian language files!
  233. Google findings!
  234. MYSQL ERROR after update
  235. Forum vs esupport
  236. Does Updating Plugins cost per plugin?
  237. How do I change the Agent page title?
  238. Order properties by price and with photo first by default
  239. Currency and unit selected by default in all search forms.
  240. I can't believe so good script with disgusting support
  241. Multiple account types, but only 1 available when registration
  242. Flynax support doesn't exist?
  243. Licence for Sale + iOS app
  244. Add Currency Symbol
  245. Template Errors
  246. Flynax Developer Needed
  247. Please fix... I have underscores on City and State filters. Ticket ID: CMF-193241
  248. How much longer for the locations db fix? Ticket ID: DYS-584155
  249. anyone with a Forum connection
  250. Who are the Developers of Flynax? Tell us who you are.