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Thread: My 3 Vital V5 cast Votes

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    My 3 Vital V5 cast Votes

    V5 Vote.
    In order to make your now & future clients successful, the following 3 features are very vital If you aren't done with v5 yet?

    Please vote to request feature from the following:

    1-Better / Advanced way of Updating and Upgrading.
    Eliminate update & upgrade issues once for all.
    When uncustomised sites try to update or upgrade it should be easy & flawless. there should be no issues at all.
    So, We need a better & more advanced way of Backup and Update or Upgrade and Restore Plugin.
    Backups can be saved in the same web folder on our server or at remote storage that we configured in AdminCP (ftp/sftp)

    2-Dropshipping Module/ plugin/API
    a way to populate your client's site full of contents & is a must to have.

    3-Live Chat API dor seller & buyer :
    Make buyer & seller interaction easy & convenient.
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